All About The Law Society

The Law Society is a specialist association that has been set up in England and Wales, in order to help to represent and govern those that work in the solicitor’s profession. The society provides a specialist service that is able to help to train and offer practise to solicitors. They also double up as a law reform board. Those that are members are involved in political issues that are being debated in Parliament. It has been running since the year 1825. As with any high rank society, the Law Society also has international offices, so aside from bases in London, Worcestershire and Leamington Spa, they also have offices set up in Brussels that are situated in order to address topics that are related to European Community Law. Each year, a brand new president is elected to run for a 12 month duration.

London Law Institution

The institution was set up a very long time ago in 1823. It was founded when a group of local solicitors grouped together to try and make the standard of London Solicitors higher, and ensure that the profession gained more credibility amongst people. They did this by guaranteeing that people would get a good service. Eventually the London word was taken out of the title, leaving it to be called The Law Society. The reason for this was so that they didn’t seem area specific. The London word was removed by 1825, thus founding what we know today as The Law Society. It took until 1922 though, for the society to start allowing female members to join up.

Those solicitors that were not practising with an honest manner had proceedings initiated against them, this practise started as early as 1834. In the year 1907, The Law Society had already set up a fully working statutory disciplinary committee. They had the full power to access the accounts of those solicitors that they believed didn’t practise according to their standards. Each year, a certificate was issued to those that were compliant with the high standards that were set in place.  A completely new office was founded to deal with complaints and that is now governed by the SRA. If they are not able to reach a decision about a complaint in order to solve it, then the Legal Ombudsman will get involved too.

Education Standards Are High To Enter

Back in 1860 an act called the Solicitors Act was set in place to make sure that the society had a professional exam system that was put into place. It operated on a three tier system, and made sure that people were correctly educated. It is now compulsory for all clerks to spend a year in study, before being able to work.

The regulatory and representative services within the society have now been divided; this was after a much needed review, known as the Clementi Review was conducted. People that complain from the public will have to have their complaints dealt with by the Legal Complaints service; soon it will hand over the role to the Office for Legal Complaints.