The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys

The CIPA are of course Britain’s professional body of patent attorneys. The institute was set up back in the year 1882, and was known back then as the Chartered Institute of Patent Angels. Then, later in the year eighteen ninety one, they became associated with the Royal Charter. Back in the month of June in two thousand and six, the name changed to its current one. The whole idea of the institute is to be able to make sure that people are aware and have knowledge about the United Kingdom’s intellectual property profession. Attorneys that are members are there to make sure that the better interests of the members (which currently stands at around three thousand), one thousand seven hundred of them that are registered as patent attorneys and are highly qualified.

One more objective of the CIPA is of course to keep a strong regulated sense of authority about the profession. More recently, they founded the IPReg (Intellectual Property Regulation Board in order to be able to ensure that the regulation of both trade mark attorney professionals and patent attorneys was done jointly. At the moment the CIPA are in charge of the register of patent agents and of course remains underneath the authority of the department of innovation, with skills and universities reporting to the controller of the patents, and of course the designs and trademarks that are made within the United Kingdom’s IPO (short for Intellectual Property Office) The CIPA are a great institution and one that we can expect to see around for a long time to come, as long as there are new inventions and ideas on the horizon. The need for attorneys is always going to be in a strong demand, and those that are members of this elite society are all the more in demand.