The Royal Medicine Society

The RMS was set up back in 1805, on the twenty second of May. Back then it was known as the Medical and Chirurgical Society of London, and there were many leading figures that decided to take their own path and branch out from the Medical Society of London in order to set up their very own society. That was done in an attempt to be able to unite other professionals within the medical trade to be able to converse and share factual information on professional matters of interest, with the ideology that their knowledge would become better, and medicine as a whole would be improved.

Members also made a specialist library inside the headquarters for the purpose of being able to access medical books, and study with the best literature available. The name as it stands now came around in the year 1907, and that is because all the members of seventeen societies finally united together as allies and founded it. You can view the here

MedicalAt the moment the modern day head office is based at number one Wimpole St, in London. The building is one of great history, and was built back in Edwardian times. It was eventually constructed, and opened its doors in the year nineteen twelve. Mr John Belcher built the magnificent structure. In modern day times the society still releases a journal, and of course the library that is contained within the building at number one Wimpole Street, is proud to be the home to one of the biggest post graduate medicine libraries in the whole of Europe. Over the years, many a fine book has been added to the collection, and it is as you could say, it is a medicine man’s dream! Or, of course, a historians playground.

The society has a strong emphasis on trying to help people that wish to become a doctor and they release a fantastic guide to being in medical school. This is set about in the form of an application, and is called A Career in Medicine. Close by to the original building is another house that the society own, called Chandos House. This was constructed back in the eighteenth century and was built by the famous architect, Mr Robert Adam. The society uses this house to hold all of their events at. It is a great edition to the headquarters, and has hosted some magnificent events.

Those that study science and wish to be in the society get voted via a review from the committee, and of course they are nominees. It is a very high class society to be a part of, and certainly one that is not for the less educated members of society. There are members from all around the medicinal industry, including dentists, vets, health care professionals, students that are studying medicine and of course studying vets and dentists too. Each year there are honorary members that join the group, and those that are elected have to closely follow the Institute of medicine in the USA as well.

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