The UK College Of Paramedics

It used to be known as the B P A, (British Paramedics Association) and is located in the UK. The college represents those that work in the paramedic profession inside the UK. They have a lot of representatives within the Health Professions Council, which is of course the United Kingdom’s regulator, the department of health, any universities that are offering the chance for students to get degrees in paramedic science, and of course, the joint royal college’s ambulance liaison committee.

The history of paramedicine is a long one; it had regional schemed that first were set up back in 1970. This was of course with the introduction of a course that was national in the year 1985; this was set up for those that were referred to in the profession as extended care ambulance staff. The professions council for health which is of course the statuary regulator was formally opened 11 years ago in the year two thousand and one. As part of the agreement it has, is required to work with professional organisations that represent the professions and of course are responsible of them too.

Back then, only paramedics formed the group, and did not need to have professional representatives from a central body. This changed when 2 members of the Essex Ambulance service set up an association that was able to represent all members of staff that worked inside profession, and was able to take the self-regulation of stringent paramedic standards, along with the education that is needed by the HPC. During a meeting that was hosted by AMBEX back in 2001, the name BPA was agreed on. The name stood for 8 years, but then changed in 2009 to the renowned College of Paramedics. The name change was set up in order to reflect that the association wanted to be the voice of professionals in Para-medicine as a whole.

Membership Levels Inside The College

At the moment there are three levels of membership within the college. Those are the full membership, which of course is open to those that are practising in the profession and are registered with the HPC.

There is a student membership level; this is on offer to those that are taking any course that is related to the health professions council, and of course approved for registration.

The last level of membership is for those that are associates, and have an interest to further enhance the college, the staff, and the hospital care unit. This level of member ship also applies to technicians that are qualified and have the IHCD certificate.

Training for Members

The college held a lot of educational events for those that were members in the past, however, now they have set up a new program that is aimed at the professional development of members. This was set up back in 2011. Events are spread all around the UK and help to ensure that members get the chance to practise their skills and of course to develop them further. All in all the College of Paramedics is a great set up, one that will help the medical profession for years to come.